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Born and raised in Tapalpa, Mexico a "Magic Village" in the state of Jalisco, Aranzasu learned about artisanal products at a very young age. Much of her community make their living through handmade, local and regional crafts and delicacies. People come from all over Mexico to enjoy these local treats.



Now living in the San Francisco Bay Area for the past 14 years, Aranzasu enjoys sharing her passion and artistic vision through the power of hand created arts and visually engaging presentation.


Her passion and vision comes to life through cooking, gardening and spending time with and caring for her family. When she is not looking after her newborn son, dogs and chickens, she is dedicating most of her time to handmade craft projects with her husband, Randy.


It is through these efforts that she developed the interest in creating her line of natural soap products. Wanting to create soaps that were filled with ingredients that delivered the valuable health benefits, qualities, and characteristics needed for each individual skin type. 


We hope that you enjoy the line of products available here and sense the quality delivered through these lovingly crafted, artisanal soaps.

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