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Lavender Chamomile

Beginning with our hand and body base recipe with coconut and hemp oil added, we have developed a lavender and chamomile bar as a new addition to our soap line. This has been a frequently requested release due to the beneficial properties that are so well known from these ingredients. Using lavender essential oil to not only add the aromatherapy properties from this wonderful flower but additionally to benefit from the topical benefits as well.

Lavender oil is commonly known to relieve soreness from muscles, enhance blood circulation, disinfect the skin and treat acne as a topical treatment. The aromatic qualities are widely used to treat various respiratory problems and eliminate nervous tension leading to migraines, headaches and depression.

Combining chamomile with the lavender was a natural fit as the aromatics of both flowers harmonized wonderfully and the benefits to the skin reinforced each other to make for a perfect combination. With chamomile adding anti-aging moisturizing qualities for fresh, natural, glowing skin.

Lavender Chamomile

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